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Business / Arts —
power of partnership between business and arts.


Founded in 1974, Business for the Arts plays a critical role in forging partnerships between the arts and business. They recognized the changing landscape with a younger demographic quickly becoming more involved in the arts and saw an opportunity to galvanize its relevance and sustainability in the arts space by becoming the bridge for building intergenerational relationships between its established network, and the new wave of arts audiences and supporters.


Our process began with a critical audit of the Business for the Arts brand and an evaluation whether it was successfully communicating the future of BftA to the diverse audiences it sought. The feedback collected led us to reimagine its existing brand, create a clearer narrative of who they are, and what their values were. Working in collaboration with BftA and its board of directors, Willendorf set out to create a new strategic direction inspired by the symbiotic relationship between arts and business.


Business for the Arts’ key value is that the arts enriches all things it interacts with including the businesses it partners with. To reflect this belief, the organization adopted a new name, Business / Arts, acknowledging that it’s work is not only for the benefit for the arts, but also for the businesses that champion the arts. The rebrand simplified the name, website, marketing collateral, making the organization much more accessible and relevant to its audiences.


Strategic Visioning and Planning
Mission and Vision Development
Critical Brand Review and Audits
Creative and Brand Development
UX and UI Design
Graphic Design and Print Solutions
Collateral Design

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