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Culture is both the foundation and stimulus for our changing world, which is why all of our work is rooted in strategy, informed by research, and shaped by creativity.

Inclusive collaboration is our key to success; Willendorf will work as an integrated part of your team to develop thoughtful solutions to respond to this transforming landscape together.


Strategic Visioning and Planning
Audience and Market Research
Opportunity and Impact Assessment
Mission and Vision Development
Positioning and Peer Differentiation
Launch Strategy and Messaging
Workshops & Charrettes
Stakeholder Interviews
Board and Executive Recruitment


Creative and Brand Development
UX and UI Design
Critical Brand Review and Audits
Wireframing and Website Development
Campaign Development and Design
Place-making: Public, Private,
  and Inclusive Space Design
Community Development
Graphic Design and Print Solutions
Fundraising Materials


Content Planning and Creation
Influencer Strategy and Implementation
Producing and Production Management
Integrated Media Planning
Social Media Advertising and Strategy
Media Buying and Ad Trafficking
Digital Media and Digital Reporting
Google SEO + SEM


Theme and Programming Development
Talent Strategy
Event Production
Strategic Partnership Facilitation
Audience Engagement
Event Sponsorship Consulting


1. Discover

Developing effective solutions requires a proper understanding of your business mission and goals. Through our discovery and research process, we empathize with your business by conducting interviews, research, and brand audits to better define strategic direction.

2. Define

Creating your cultural plan helps inform both your internal corporate culture but also the external experiences of your client and desired audiences. We synthesize information extracted from discovery, collect findings from stakeholders, and bring together focus groups to concentrate our attention on custom solutions for your business.

3. Ideate

Our team consists of multidisciplinary experts, made up of Canada’s most thoughtful strategists, designers, producers, developers, creatives, and architects, to generate, contemplate, and incubate ideas.

4. Prototype

From the discovery to ideation phases, we put the best ideas into form whether it’s a strategic or cultural plan, diversity campaign, brand audit, or rebrand proposal. This is an early-stage exercise to review concepts with your team.

5. Test

We gather input from your team and move on to assess whether our prototypes meet the needs of your clients and audiences. We build user personas, recruit influencers who fit target audiences, test ideas to collect their feedback, and establish and maintain strong relationships with influencers and your company through ongoing engagement.

6. Implement

To turn your vision into reality, we launch your cultural plan through the thoughtful application of our strategy into design form, print assets, digital campaigns, and / or IRL experiences.

Now you know what we do and how we do it. Let’s have a cup of masala chai with oat milk and honey to discuss how we can collaborate to make your dreams come true.


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