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Crow’s Theatre at Crowsnest —
the cultural destination for far-reaching minds. 

Resonating with Toronto’s civic, community and cultural milieu – Crow’s Theatre at Streetcar Crowsnest adapts and evolves as the social, economic, cultural environment of the city adapts and evolves. Crow’s Theatre is distinguished as a preeminent cultural destination for its far-reaching imagination, ideas, exchange, diversity and grassroots belief in how artists and their work can change and sustain the life of communities. Crow’s Theatre is accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages. 

The Crow’s Theatre community wanted to create a transformative experience for their Streetcar Crowsnest physical space launch in 2016.  

The theatre patrons were first introduced to the community space at the inaugural gala fundraiser. Using the excitement of the door’s opening as a fundraiser benefit for the not-for-profit theatre, made the experience special to both the organization and its patrons. Willendorf produced the event, helped its programming and gifting suites, and wrote the script and run of show. Chaired by philanthropists Salah Bachir, CM, and Kate Daniels, the gala successfully welcomed the theatre to the community.

Event Production
Creative Direction
Script and Copywriting 
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