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Gurpreet Chana —
a musician, engineer, composer, performer, and foremost, a student of the Tabla.  

Gurpreet and his music juxtaposes the time-honoured tradition of the tabla with a dizzying array of musical styles. Weaving the hypnotic sounds of the tabla drums into the fabric of various  music, he spreads its rhythmic pulse like a meme with each fresh cultural integration.

When Tony Gagliano was recognized as the Edmund C. Bovey Award recipient in 2017, Gurpreet was the first person we thought to program for the evening celebration. Tony is the co-founder of the innovative Toronto arts festival, Luminato, as well as champion of the Galleria Italia at the Art Gallery of Ontario. In past iterations of the event, the B/A gala traditionally programmed a euro-centric artts programme, opening the gala with disciplines like ballet and opera. Willendorf saw an opportunity to intentionally programme a diverse artist, understanding that the key honouree of the night, Mr. Gagliano, had a keen appreciation for innovative and inspiring interdisciplinary arts. Willendorf on behalf of B/A chose, for the first time in the gala’s history, to open the evening for the with an artist of colour, Gurpreet  and his practice on the world renown hang drum. The result was a unique experience that left a memorable impression amongst arts adminstrators and philanthropists alike because of Gurpreet’s ability to bring everyone together through the collective energy of his technique. 


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