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means the one who makes arts in Swahili

The Kisanii Hub is a mobile outdoor presenting venue, a creative lab, and acommunity hub in the park. Presented by Jamii, Kisanii is a cargo vending bike customized into a multi-use outdoor arts space, which transforms into a performance stage (music, dance, theatre), a cinema and an exhibition space - to name but a few. This mobile arts space would have the flexibility to host a wide range of artistic propositions and to engage a diverse public of all ages throughout Crombie Park, at the heart of the downtown Toronto Esplanade community.

The artistic innovation and creativity of the Kisanii Hub will bolster pride in the Esplanade, offer professional artists a unique platform to present their work, and audiences to discover and enjoy presentations by high-calibre artists.

Willendorf held design thinking consultations with Jamii, ensuring that Kisanii’s mandate is accomplished in the unique product design and engaged with through community participation.


Strategic Direction
Product Ideation and Design
Fundraising Consultation
Community Participati

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