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To give back to the City of Toronto, L’Institut Idée and The Spoke Club designed a series of events to uncover the key drivers of greatness for the City of Toronto and then bring this new vision to life through word and art.


Our process was inspired by the idea of collective problem solving through a series of design thinking charrettes. A group of Toronto leaders from different walks of life – from architects and urban planners to venture capitalists, artists and corporate leaders – gathered at the Spoke Club for a special half-day session led by L’Institut Idée followed by another half-day session led by Insitute Without Boundaries at the George Brown College. Using the Structural Mapping Process® (SMP), a unique technique for reading the “collective consciousness” around an idea and Collaborative Design, a map to the desired outcome of “Toronto is one of the world’s great cities” was revealed.


L’Institut Idée, in partnership with the Institute without Boundaries (IwB), continued the process that began in April, 2014, to develop tangible strategies that will enable Toronto to meet its potential and become one of the world’s greatest cities.

The charrette explored the key themes that were revealed through the SMP session.  Inspired by the map, city leaders from a variety of disciplines developed ideas, strategies and projects that would bring to life the desired outcome of “Toronto is one of the world’s great cities.”

The key Focus Points were:
1. Openness
2. Organic
3. Originality
4. Nurturing
5. Talent
The full report can be found here 


Talent Strategy 
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