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Mongrel Media—
Canada’s independent film distributor focused on international, independent and art films


Founded in 1994, the company has built a reputation as an innovative and distinct brand with a discerning taste, and creating a home for auteur cinematic voices, with a passion for championing independent filmmakers.

Leading up to the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival the Mongrel and Willendorf teams we’re looking to reimagine the status quo film festival after party. With roughly 15-20 showcased in the festival, Mongrel wanted to find a way to celebrate their films in a way that felt authentic and true to the Mongrel brand: arthouse, diverse, proudly Canadian, and comfortable.

Together, the idea of creating a unified physical space representative of Mongrel’s culture, Mongrel House, was born.


To differentiate itself from the many TIFF related parties, the team decided Mongrel House would occupy one location for the duration of the festival with a celebration honouring the many Mongrel films premiering at TIFF that year, every night of the festival. Remaining in one location presented a unique opportunity to brand the venue, the heritage building Campbell House Museum, inside and out throughout the entire day, allowing it to be a 24h billboard at one of the busiest intersections in Toronto - Queen St. W. and University Avenue.

With the desire to create an experience where Mongrel could welcome international talent to their proudly Canadian “home,” Willendorf was up to tackle the juxtaposing challenges of being local and international, inclusive yet exclusive, creating space and a completely immersive experience.


What resulted was unlike anything at the Toronto International Film Festival before or after, and has now become a staple destination at the festival. Mongrel House activated all rooms within Campbell House Museum, each with a unique experience or activity from ping pong tables, 3D photo booth, live band karaoke, guided meditation room, or a local-deejay’ed dance floor. The activation spilled out into the outdoor space as well, featuring outdoor art installations, a night food market by the historically renown St. Lawrence Market, several bars, a VR experience, and many more. Willendorf brought together proudly Toronto and international partners like the Holt Renfrew, Grolsch, Cineplex, and Johnny Walker amongst others, and the event attracted pillars of the local Toronto film and arts communities, as well as international industry executives and A-list film stars.

Mongrel House has also been a platform to showcase emerging Canadian and Toronto artists from diverse backgrounds. Mongrel House has positioned itself to create a collective collaboration of business, artists, and media and brings them together to experience a one-of-a-kind evening that is equally exclusive, glamorous, egalitarian, progressive, and invites the world to “our home.”


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