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Patel Gallery —
aims to illuminate new and critical movements in contemporary art by enabling diverse narrative practices 

Willendorf partnered with Patel Gallery to bring Canadian artists to the Toronto International Film Festival. Willendorf saw an opportunity to feature public art as part of the programming to showcase the work of Canada’s top emerging and established visual artists, engaging First Nations Two-Spirit artist Kent Monkman as the featured artist in 2018.

The curatorial consideration for Monkman’s work was its ability to challenge the traditional depictions of Indigenous peoples and their relationship with colonizers in classical visual art. His artwork was printed in large format and throughout the venue space in physical positions of power, covering outside and inside fencing along the venue perimeter, and featured prominently as a canvas ceiling in one of main event tents. This curatorial choice was a direct response to nation-wide Canada 150 biennale celebration that happened the year before, reversing the gaze on Indigenous peoples and challenging attendee personal perspectives.

Featured as a part of a larger multi-sensorial activation, the Kent Monkman pieces were undoubtedly the most provocative and memorable moments of the experience that also consisted of musical happenings by the Tribe Called Red, DJ NDN, Narcy, Zaki Ibrahim. 


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