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Legacy is not be measured by accounts, but by the relationships one has with family and the lasting effect one has had on humanity. Vukets & Associates develops strategic plans to protect family assets, ensure legacy and present ways to benefit the causes family’s deeply care about through facilitating discussions among family members and exploring common goals and values. V&A’s work in intergenerational wealth transfer created an opportunity for the firm to invest time to design think their client journey. Our goal was to collect data to audit their current situation and make critical recommendations to stabilize present operations and map future growth.


Our process began with a critical audit of the V&A brand and an evaluation whether it was successfully communicating its services and products to the exclusive client base they sought. Initial market research, stakeholder interviews, and the feedback we collected led us to reimagine its existing brand, create a clearer narrative of who they are, and what their values were. Working in collaboration with founder Mike Vukets and Managing Director Karlee Vukets, Willendorf set out to create a new strategic direction inspired by the potential of developing a corporate culture of giving and learning. 


V&A’s key value sees the potential of family dialogue and financial freedom. The strategy simplified the firm’s mission, articulated its core values, and invested in making the firm more simplified to its high networth clients.


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