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arts & business exchange — cultivating canada’s future leaders. 


Willendorf approached Business / Arts about creating a gathering specifically catering to the younger generation of future arts and business leaders in Canada. The conference would fit in with B/A’s larger strategic vision to align and serve a changing arts landscape that increasingly was getting younger, savvier, and deeply passionate about arts in Canada.


We began by identifying the successes and processes of comparable events in Canada and abroad. Drawing upon this research, Willendorf’s next steps was recruiting steering committee of arts and business leaders in Canada to inform the mission, direction, and define KPIs for the conference. Willendorf in partnership with B/A and the abx steering committee determined the target audience of the conference, and the desired outcomes: to bring together artists, arts administrators, and arts-inclined business professionals between the ages of 25-45, to enhance their knowledge of the sectoral issues, forge strong relationships with peers and next-gen arts leaders, and meet new potential partners from the private sector, share their learnings, projects, challenges and find opportunities for collaboration.


The full-day event featured many diverse, cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary voices from Indigenous peoples, underserved and underrepresented communities, and many young leaders from multi-disciplinary backgrounds from social media influencers with half a million followers, a digital artist featured in Vogue, festival executives, university professors, and emerging artists. This has become an annual national conference predicated upon the belief that cultivating future leaders through intergenerational conversations could better support Canadian artistic aspirations.


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